Ethical Investment Funds (EIFs)

A growing desire among investors to stake their money on companies demonstrating a high level of ethical and moral behaviour has given rise to an increasing number of ethical investment funds.

Over half don’t save enough for comfortable retirement

A recent study found that over four million people intend to work beyond the state retirement age because they can’t afford to retire.

Unit Trusts versus Investment Trusts

These two types of Trusts have notable differences and the right decision for investing money will depend on an individual’s requirements and expectations.

What is salary sacrifice?

Salary sacrifice is not suitable for everyone, and the ramifications need to be explored in depth before an employee commits, but it can prove a highly efficient way of saving for a pension, and may also reduce tax and NI.

What is ‘Chartered’ Financial Planning?

The ‘Chartered Financial Planner’ qualification was introduced in 2006 to create a new standard for financial advice that is independent, professional, and regulated by strict guidelines.

Should retirement pensions be linked to CPI?

Plans to link state pensions to the lower Consumer Prices Index (CPI), rather than the Retail Prices Index (RPI) have created concern for those who are retired or people saving for retirement.

Will NEST create a nest-egg?

The government will push ahead with implementing the 2008 Pensions Act, including a National Employment Savings Trust (NEST).

UK pension rules to be reformed

This news is receiving mixed reviews among pension providers and experts. Will the proposed extra flexibility create an incentive to save, or further complicate retirement planning?