It’s never too early to plan for retirement

Only 34% of men and 38% of women between 22 and 29 belong to an employer pension scheme, and numbers are falling as the financial worries of the here and now take over.

Age-75 rule scrapped

From 6th April 2011, pensioners will no longer have to purchase their income, but will be able to draw their income directly from pension savings for as long as they choose.

Tax-efficient savings and investments

Although there is a restriction on the permitted amount invested in tax-free products, a number of ways exist to make the most of this allowance.

Saving for the future

Shares and bonds are two of the main investment vehicles, so we’ve taken a quick look at the main reasons for considering either.

Investing overseas

Many people can be put off global investment, feeling it is too complex, but there are several specialist funds focused on the overseas market, helping you get the most of your investment.