Inflation could erode your pension, if you let it

With low interest rates and relatively high inflation, the real value of savings and the purchasing power of a fixed income are steadily eroded. Over a period of years the cumulative impact can be dramatic and the effect on pension serious.

Investing for the upcoming generation

Handing wealth down from generation to generation is something that more families need to consider. A brief look at two tax-efficient ways of getting resources to the next generation at crucial lifestages.

Success guaranteed for some first-time buyers

Could a ‘guarantor mortgage’ help you get your first home? This arrangement means a third party guarantees the borrower’s repayments, providing additional security to the lender who may advance a larger amount.

Long-term investors reap dividend harvest

If we hold shares for five years or more, there will be many good days and many bad days but we all hope and tend to expect that the long-term trend will be upward.