Emotions and fads thwart investors

It as important for investors not to allow their emotions to dictate investment decisions, because emotions can often be giving the wrong signal. Markets and economies move in cycles and naturally attract a fair amount of human emotion as they evolve.

Base rate steady but SVRs rise

One interesting fact about property market trends is that, according to the National Housing Federation, the ratio of owner-occupied homes in Britain has been falling for the past decade and may continue to do so

Life after death for SMEs

Although football clubs buy and sell players for profit, generally speaking a company’s employees and directors do not have a financial value attributed to them in the books.

Piggy in the middle? We’ll put you in control

Various issues threaten family budgets. Although the recent national Budget softened the original formula, child benefit will still be reduced or stopped altogether for many middle-income families.

Protection – Back to Basics

Money that has been diligently saved over a number of years is very quickly spent if your earned income stops. Until an individual has a significant body of capital to fall back on or even generate sufficient income from, pooling risk using insurance is a cost effective way to avoid short term financial problems.