Insurance cost pressures mount – expensive to delay

Not so long back, UK Governments were so keen for people to make cautious long-term investment, cover their lives and other risks through insurance policies, that life assurance premiums qualified for income tax relief. That ended for new policies in 1984, perhaps a turning point to mark the start of a trend towards insurance being regarded less benevolently by Government.

Protection – Back to Basics

Money that has been diligently saved over a number of years is very quickly spent if your earned income stops. Until an individual has a significant body of capital to fall back on or even generate sufficient income from, pooling risk using insurance is a cost effective way to avoid short term financial problems.

Endangered species needing protection? Us, not the ostrich!

People tend to wish friends and contacts a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Usually, these good wishes become reality.

Your Will – Why it pays to plan for the future…

Guest legal blogger Gareth from Silverman Sherliker LLP has kindly written this piece on why it pays to have a decent Will in place.

New protection for business owners

A new life protection product aimed at business owners is an attractive alternative to traditional lump sum ‘death in service’ benefits in many circumstances.

Making a will – why it’s important

When you have worked hard to manage, maintain and maximise your assets it’s vital to plan carefully for what will happen to them after you die.

Personal insurance options

Are the benefits of personal insurance policies really worth the high premiums?

Protect your income (when all about are losing theirs)

Insurance is available which can protect against redundancy while also replacing your income, should an accident or illness prevent you from working.

Your Business and your Will

Making the time to invest in advice from a Will Writing specialist is a really good idea, whatever the size of your business. Find out why.