Base rate steady but SVRs rise

One interesting fact about property market trends is that, according to the National Housing Federation, the ratio of owner-occupied homes in Britain has been falling for the past decade and may continue to do so

Success guaranteed for some first-time buyers

Could a ‘guarantor mortgage’ help you get your first home? This arrangement means a third party guarantees the borrower’s repayments, providing additional security to the lender who may advance a larger amount.

Mortgages and the Self-Employed

Borrowing to finance a property purchase has become more difficult recently, and if you are self-employed you may find it harder still. A few things to bear in mind before you approach lenders.

NEWSFLASH…….3.89% 5 year fixed mortgage!

We are not normally excited by debt or the ‘latest’ mortgage deals, but this is a cracker and worth a mention…

Our mortgage specialist has arrived!

We are very pleased and somewhat relieved to announce that Justin Al-Kaisy has agreed to join the team at Holder & Combes.

Equity release Dos and don’ts

Are you one of the many who are ‘house rich’ but cash poor? As more battle to get by, the popularity of equity release is sure to continue to grow, but there are many implications that need to be considered.