Testimonials (49)

Added 26th March 2014

I've used Holder and Combes for a few years and the service has been consistently excellent. They respond quickly to any questions and are prepared to spend time getting the right solution in place. I'm happy to recommend them.

Colin Stewart
Programme Manager

Added 30th January 2014:

After leaving my job in a large corporation I needed to transfer my company pension plan to a private SIPP.

Ed and team at Holder & Combes were extremely helpful in dealing with the move and the many hoops to jump through. They kept me up to date with progress and took the time to walk me through the SIPP providers and find the right investments for my risk profile. I would highly recommend Holder & Combes for pension transfers and ongoing pension investment management.

Alex L
Software Engineer

Added 15th October 2013:

Ed and the team at Holder & Combers have been fantastic in working through and advising us on all things to do with our personal and family finances over the past two years whether it be pensions, tax, investments, insurance or mortgages. Essentially really important stuff but not something we can get remotely excited about. This makes Ed and the teams' enthusiasm, transparency, dedication and professionalism all the more comforting.

We would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Piers Clough
Management Consultant

Added 7th October 2013:

Ed has recently arranged my new life insurance policy. He was very approachable and explained everything clearly and in a way that I understood.

Both his advice over the telephone and in writing was concise and pitched at the right level which made me feel confident and secure in knowing that the policy he recommended and arranged was correct for my requirements. I would have no hesitate recommending Ed to any contacts of mine looking for financial advice and I will definitely be going back to him for further advice in the future.

Thanks for all your help.

Daniel Crockford
Consultant Solicitor at Keystone Law

Added: 7th October 2013:

We have been delighted with the support from Ed Holder of Holder and Combes in helping up understand our pension options and expectations and dealing very quickly with some challenging investments.

The speed of response and action, practical, professional and knowledgeable approach with options presented in a straightforward way have been outstanding.
Ed was recommended to us by a friend, and we would have no hesitation in recommending Ed and his company to others,

Judi Edwards
Vice President & Executive Partner

Added 4th October 2013:

I was very grateful to hear about Holder & Combes from a colleague at work.
I had been following articles on the national press for the past year and was confused as to what to do about my pension, whether to take out an annuity now or postpone it for later.

Nick Combes made it easy to understand and advised me on best options available, taking into account my personal circumstances and needs.

I will thoroughly recommend their services to friends.

Maite Whitehouse
Retired (Re-Insurance)

Added 16th June 2013:

What to do with my pensions was a mystery until I contacted Nick at Holder & Combes. What I particularly like with this company is that my approach to risk management is respected completely, and I understood exactly what was proposed.

I am very happy with the performance of my investments and the way H & C approach the analysis and management of the funds and fund managers they choose to work with. I think the essence of good financial management is always based in trust - and I trust Nick and the company to advise me well.

Helena Dennison
Designer at Charlie Day Gardens

Added 11th June 2013:

Holder & Combes have been helping me organise my personal finances for the last few years. Prior to meeting Nick I had no financial advisor or pension in place and I now have my finances in much better order and I also understand better what steps I need to take in order to deal with my finances in the future.

I have also had some help with my company's finances and will definitely use Holder & Combes the next time I have any financial needs. I can highly recommend them.

Patrick Anderson

Added 31st May 2013:

Having always been fairly ramshackle in my approach to my finances Holder and Combes have completely sorted me out. Everything they present is clear, easy to understand and, more importantly, it's working.

It's a weight of my mind knowing that all aspects of my finances are being taken care of and that I have a good sense of where I'll be when I come to retire. It's just not something I'd ever really thought about before. On top of all this they're great to work with. Meeting with them is a pleasure.

Over the last three years Nick has completely overhauled my financial arrangements in order in a clear, practical and effective way. Highly recommended.

Nick Mather
Head of Entertainment at Endemol UK

Added 30th April 2013:

I've recently worked with Ed on what I thought was a complex (and daunting) financial situation. Ed was brilliant and actually completely turned around my problem into an opportunity!

I really liked his no-nonsense, friendly, and expert can-do advice towards a layperson like me. I'd 100% recommend Ed as the go-to guy to chat with about your financial investment advice.

Simon Bird
General Manager at Savoo

Added 7th March 2013:

Dealing with the financial adviser at Holder & Combes has been a real breath of fresh air - for the first time I have received no-nonsense, understandable advice on my investments in an open and honest manner - just fantastic.

Having advice given in the way it was, just left me wholly confident in the service I was being provided and with my best interests always at heart. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment in recommending them. Thank you.

Gunther Walker
Manager at Solar Management

Added: 18th February 2013

As I approached retirement in the autumn, my main preoccupation was not what to do with my life but rather what to do with my occupational, money purchase pension. For someone like myself, with no financial expertise, this was both vital and incredibly worrying.

My pension is no doubt peanuts in Ed Holder's terms, but he has spent a lot of time working out and explaining the various options to me. As a result I have a peace of mind that I had not thought possible.

I feel very fortunate that in what I see as the dodgy world of financial advisers, I have (on the recommendation of a colleague) ended up with Holder & Combes.

Celia Locks

Updated: 5th Feb 2013

Holder & Combes have been looking after my pension, giving me advice on my investments and helping me with mortgages now for several years, and have just helped me in getting my current mortgage re-underwritten for my new house.

At every stage of each investment I have had all the risks and benefits of each decision explained, both in person and on the phone. My most recent mortgage was handled personally by Justin Al-Kaisy, who successfully navigated me through the process, and has been extremely helpful and diligent throughout, and has helped keep my mortgage provider on a tight time schedule for the whole process.

I've been extremely happy with the personal and impartial advise I've received over the years, and feel the products I've been recommended have been a good match for my financial position, and have performed well. If you are looking for a group of highly professional, highly qualified and highly personable IFA's, then Holder & Combes should fit the bill.

Nick Runeckles

Added: 25th January 2013

I am a new client to Holder and Combes but have had a very positive experience so far. They are professional organised and transparent in all that they do.

I am looking forward to working with them for the foreseeable future.

Paul Mersh
Managing Director at cer

Added: 23rd January 2013

Ed Holder, of Holder & Combes, has been providing us with financial advice and planning for several years. This has included our mortgage, pension, investment and tax arrangements.

We have found him to be very friendly, approachable and helpful, able to apply his extensive financial knowledge to explaining the details in terms that we clearly understood.

We feel fully confident in his capacity to manage our financial planning, and are completely secure in his professional handling of our affairs.

We would have absolutely no hesitation is recommending him as a financial advisor.

Ron Katzler
Education Consultant and Trainer

Added: 18th January 2013

I have known both Ed and his business partner Nick for 4 years. In that time, I have worked with Holder & Combes as well as being a very happy client of theirs.

Their client-centric approach and superior market knowledge put them up with the best firms I have worked with my 15 yrs in Financial Services

Paul Judd
Business Development Manager

Added: 20th July 2012

Just wanted to say a huge thanks to you and to Justin for your advice and help in getting not one but two mortgages set up in super quick time, enabling me to finance my lease extension and move house within a very short timescale.

Also worth noting that Justin's assistance was invaluable to me in progressing my mortgage application whilst I was on vacation. I am a very happy customer, so thanks again to both of you!

Jennifer Walker

Added: 29th June 2012

Holder & Combes were recommended to me by my solicitor to advise on a technical issue. It certainly wasn't straightforward but Ed and his team put in a monumental effort, breaking records for call durations to the underwriters, driving process change within the dinosaurs of General Insurance and maintaining excellent humour along the way.

Hours were invested for a very modest policy and I would not hesitate to return for any advice in the future."

Hugo Elliott
Markets & International Banking (RBS)

Added: 29th May 2012

I consider you to be very good at your job for many reasons but in particular because of your ability to phrase things in a simple way, targeted for the person you're talking to so they understand clearly.

Professionals often like to use complicated words and industry terms to confuse people and make themselves look clever - but not you guys. Your emails epitomise this! I've no doubt your other clients love your manner and approach.

I've spoken to a lot of different people and you guys really do seem to know a lot more than everyone else. On reflection, the advice you've given has saved us an absolute fortune but for me the most important thing is that it saves me having to worry about the future.

Jon Timms
Founder/ Director - JTX Fitness

Added: 21st March 2012

After an encounter with a dodgy pensions salesman, we were so relieved to meet with Ed. He wanted to give us advice based on our own unique situation, and to put our interests first. He treated us as intelligent people, and went to great lengths to explain his advice.

He was very generous with his time, (although we didn't have much to invest)! We are so happy that we found Holder and Combes and made some plans for our financial future.

Lara Houston

Added: 1st March 2012

After being recommended Ed by a friend, my first foray into financial planning has been smoother and far easier to understand than I could have imagined.

Not your stereotypical financial advisor, Ed has taken away a great deal of the mystery of the financial world for me. Ed and the team at Holder and Combes made me feel very comfortable with my investments and I am happy to recommend to anybody seeking financial advice in the future.

Jon Clifford

Added: 19th February 2012

Ed was recommended to my by a colleague in November 2011, at which point, I quickly realised he was a most impressive individual.

Certainly not your stereotypical Financial Advisor, Ed is an animated and enthusiastic person who is happy to talk about anything and everything.

But when it comes to business, Ed and his team certainly go the extra mile to ensure their clientele receives unbeatable support and service.

I look forward to a long-standing and deep rooted relationship with Ed and would suggest anyone considering a financial advisor to take the first step.

Luc Gernay
PMO Analyst (Banking)

Added: 16th February 2012

Ed Holder has been my IFA for about 5 years now. He's helped me no end with all matters financial (for both myself and my business) and has made the purchase of an office and a family home possible for me.

He possess an unfathomable boundless enthusiasm for all he does while understanding very well that people like myself neither understand nor really care that much about the maze that can be financial planning. To know that I have someone like Ed and his excellent colleagues looking out for me is a great relief. I always recommend Holder and Combes to all I meet so I'm sure they owe me another lunch by now...

Adam Jenns
Founder/ Director, Mainframe Ltd

Added: 16th February 2012

Under strict instruction from my girlfriend, and on the advice of a savvy Headhunter friend of hers, I approached Nick Combes at Holder and Combes for financial advice. My finances had been a mess for years. This was partly my own fault and partly the result of a very lazy financial adviser some years ago, who encouraged me to buy a dodgy endowment mortgage and seemed more interested in his sailing holidays than making my money work for me. My pension was a long forgotten scheme started when I was staff at the BBC.

Over two visits six months apart, Nick carefully went through the options in lay terms for me and convinced me what policies I needed and which were luxuries. We then projected what expenses I needed to prepare for down the line. I have been delighted with all the advice I have received so far and will be recommending him to my mother next - a good measure of the regard I now hold for Holder and Combes!

David Boulter
TV Producer

Added: 8th November 2011

Nick has been my family's IFA for eight years and I can't recommend him highly enough. He is always available and able to help, and as my position has developed over the years Nick's advice and support has been spot on every time. He is very customer focused, has great integrity and his market knowledge is excellent.

Christopher Hamilton

Added: 6th October 2011

Trust is a very important attribute that I look for in people, particularly when it comes to dealing with my financial matters, and I trust Nick's judgement and abilities. As a client of his for the past 2 years, I have also been consistently impressed with Nick's accessibility and attention to my needs. As I grow my own business over the next few years I am confident that Nick will be integral part of my network which will steer the business towards growth and prosperity.”

Michael Barker

Added: 28th September 2011

Truly excellent advice, helping us to manage pensions, investments and mortgage decisions.

Victoria Sisson
Executive Director

Added: 24th September 2011

Ed has been my IFA for almost three years. He is great to work with and clearly passionate about what he does, taking the time to explain the options and demystify what can be quite complex investment choices. And the proof is in the pudding - Ed has really built value in my private pension fund. I had no idea how much better the returns could be until Ed suggested I move it into a new investment scheme where it has grown much faster than it was previously growing.

Linda Eziquiel
Business Advisor

Added: 6th September 2011

I have had a very positive experience working with Ed and his firm. He has a high degree of integrity and his firm has a client oriented and results oriented focus. Recessions often result in the growth of customer focused, highly productive firms and that is exactly the type of business Ed is a part of.

Ambasuthan Jananayagam

Added: 25th August 2011

Ed excels in his field. He is accomplished and expert and never fails to give sound guidance and advice. My partner and I trust him implicitly and when we've recommend him to friends and colleagues the feedback is always positive and enthusiastic. He's an impressive guy who always delivers creative, skillful and intelligent solutions. Its been hugely beneficial working with him. Its a pleasure to recommend him.

Neil Harber
Head Hunter

Added: 12th July 2011

Nick has a gift for explaining financial matters in a very human and easy to understand way that enables one to make informed decisions. Everything feels easy and comfortable, leaving me in control but unburdened by the administrative side of things. In addition he's highly personable and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Nick to others.

Audrey Yvernault
Public and external affairs adviser

Added: 29th June 2011

Always quick to respond to emails, and able to offer clear, easy-to-understand advice. Not your conventional suit!

Joanna Woolf
TV and Digital Producer

Added: 22nd June 2011

Nick helps negotiate the minefields of mortgages, pensions, savings plans, all of which I find deeply tedious. He is a safe pair of hands, and very easy to work with - I would not hesitate to recommend him to any colleagues or personal friends/family.

Chantal Coady
Founder and Creative Director at Rococo Chocolates

Added: 14th June 2011

I have been a client of Nick's for over 9 years. He has provided me with expert advice around a range of products and has consistently proven demonstrated his expertise. He has also gone the extra mile for me as a client and I have been completely satisfied with his service. I trust him and would happily recommend his work.

James Greengrass
Head Hunter

Added: 13th June 2011

Nick has provided his expert advice to me over the last few years and I have great confidence in his, and the Holder & Combes, ethic and abilities. He has produced good results with my investments, and shown patience, care and a genuine interest in my circumstances, making what was once a somewhat daunting subject straightforward, interesting and enjoyable. I'd recommend him to anyone without reservation.

Miles Essex
Web Designer

Added: 2nd June 2011

Ed has been my advisor for a number of years and has always provided me with good quality, helpful advice in a very personable way.

Matt Seymour

Added 19th May 2011

Professional, approachable, friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. I have no hesitation recommending Ed's services

Dan McLachlan
Web Consultant & Designer

Added: 18th May 2011

Unlike many advisors Ed makes the world of finance easier to understand. He was able to very quicky respond to our particular requests and provide a range of well balanced, good value options. He was also very supportive all the way through our house purchase and provided excellent advice throughout.

Donald Campbell
Marketing Manager

Added: 18th May 2011

I've known Ed socially and professionally since 2005. He is one of the most approachable, honest and intelligent people I know; therefore, I never hesitated to ask Ed for financial planning advice. The level of service Ed provided was exactly as I expected it - highly professional and appropriate. Based on this, I strongly recommend Ed's services.

Eugene Kumeyko
Derivatives Broker

Added: 21st July 2010

Ed has been my financial advisor for a few months and so far I'm delighted with everything he has done. He has strong opinions, a very reassuring no-nonsense approach and is great at explaining why he recommends the products he does. He also took on a lot of the admin burden of sorting out pensions, savings and numerous kinds of insurance, which made life a lot easier for me. If you want someone smart who is on your side, Ed's your man

Richard Hollins
Financial Copywriter

Added: 23rd June 2010

Holder & Combes helped me source a very good mortgage rate for a recent purchase, and were always available for follow up help and advice. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Peter Walsh
Private Equity

Added: 22nd June 2010

Ed is a splendid fellow. He is almost able to get me interested in financial services. Not quite perhaps, but his enthusiasm for the subject, whilst utterly alien to me, somehow rubs off and I listen. There's often a bit in the meeting where just his mouth moves and I start thinking about badgers on roller skates and hot air balloons made of cheese whilst drawing pictures in my notebook and checking my iphone, but thankfully, Ed is so trustworthy, and committed to my financial health that none of this matters. After all, it's my job to make some money being creative and it's his job to stop me frittering too much of it away.

I'm (literally) all the richer for knowing Ed. Generally I'd rather cut important bits of my body off with a rusty spoon than think about finance. Ed seems to have a steely way of getting me to put that old spoon down and sign where it matters. It's quite a talent, and I'm happy to say it's a creative skill too; Ed is a veritable poet of the pivot table.

Chris Clarke
Chief Creative Officer LBi

Added: 10th December 2009

Since taking over the management of my pension, Holder & Combes have reduced the charges, increased my investment options and their fund advice has produced impressive returns after only a year - I wish I had met them 15 years ago!

Fiona Couper
Managing Director

Added: 3rd March 2009

I have used Holder & Combes personally and would recommend them highly. Their personable manner and knowledge of the financial services sector is excellent. We have had no issue in recommending them to our clients and they have proved consistently to produce great results for everyone we have referred

Giles Brown
Associate Director

Added: 15th February 2009

Holder & Combes have consistently provided a first rate service on the many occasions that we have worked together. Their assistance and advice in relation to residential and commercial mortgages has always been efficient, attentive and highly competent.

Yash Kulkarni

Added: 16th January 2009

The guys at Holder & Combes have been a great support in terms of professional services and really understanding my personal and family needs. I have every confidence that they look after my needs as a priority. Well done guys, and as and when appropriate, I will refer your services to colleagues, friends and family.

Andrew Wong
Managing Director

Added: 12th January 2009

Nick has been my financial adviser for about six years now, and I have been consistently impressed. His advice is always timely, accurate and straightforward, and he has been instrumental in helping me plan all of my major financial decisions. He has the highest integrity and I would recommend him to anyone.

Stephen Crookbain

Added: 7th September 2007

Ed has done a fantastic job in recommending financial products to my girlfriend and me over the past three years, particularly on the mortgage front where they have demystified a hugely confusing market for us and found the best deal available within the confines of our personal finances.

He is fun to work with, honest and straight talking and I would strongly recommend him to anyone requiring financial advice of any sort.

Matthew Ball
Sales Director

Added: 3rd September 2007

I have had other financial advisors in the past and have been privy to friends' dealings with other financial advisers and I can honestly say that Ed stands head and shoulders above other advisers. I would recommend his services without hesitation.

Michele Bogucki
Sales Financial Coordinator